Lacuna is a Community

Photo courtesy of Amos White.

Photo courtesy of Amos White.

Lacuna is brought to you by and for book-lovers. Book-lovers curate Lacuna’s walls. They spend hours picking through books and creating the unique public space that their fellow book-lovers will treasure. In turn, book-lovers explore and remove books lining Lacuna's shelves and transform the very space they are a part of. It's a beautiful cycle between our community of volunteers and the Bay Area community. It is in this collaborative spirit that we have chosen to dedicate a section of Lacuna to the community. Our very own Community alcove. 

1. Community Alcove: This section will house YOUR books. Stop by MLK Jr. Civic Center Park the week prior to the Bay Area Book Festival (June 4 and 5) and directly contribute to the shelves of "the world's most public library". 

Note: We will only accept books in decent shape and of decent quality. No "dumping," please. 

Book Drop-off Times

Wednesday, June 1 -- 10 AM to 9 PM

Thursday, June 2 -- 10 AM to 9 PM

Friday, June 3 -- 10 AM to 3 PM

Questions, concerns, book recommendations? 

2. Pre-Festival Donations: We are accepting donations prior to the festival for our volunteers to sort and stock our shelves. Please keep in mind that we are primarily accepting Children's books (Children, Middle Grade, YA, Children's Nonfiction) and books in the Arts (Literary Fiction, Poetry, Plays, Film, Music, Art, Pop Culture, Speciality/Unique).

Tells us more about your books.